Silhouette of a beautiful Yoga woman in the morningDo you sit on the side of the bed in the morning and stretch?  Doesn’t it feel wonderful?  Imagine that delicious stretch all over your body.  Granted, there are some poses that hurt, some that feel ridiculous, but after a class or a home session, your body DOES feel loose and relaxed.
There are so many benefits to yoga.  Such as increasing your flexibility, build muscle strength, quiets the mind, and helps you sleep better.  But did you know that practicing yoga can also flush out your lymphatic system, regulate your adrenals (yep, lower Cortisol – hello weight loss!), and help build bone strength (no more osteoporosis).

I have practiced Bikram yoga for years and adore the set, structured poses, the heat of the classroom, and the way my skin feels after sweating for 90 minutes.  There is a yoga for everyone and I would encourage everyone to give it a try.  It will teach you to get in tune with your body, accept yourself, and be patient.

Below is a link to a Yoga Journal article that nicely explains several (38 to be exact) reasons to practice.  Get to a class, buy a book, or look online.  I think you will enjoy.