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Millie Brinkley, Your Life Helper

Am I missing something? Should I be doing something more? Why am I anxious/antsy/feeling caged?

Have you asked those questions? For years, I could not shake the feeling that I was not living up to my full potential, yet I was successfully juggling a stressful, executive job in corporate America and taking care of my home/family. I raced among the other rats on life’s treadmill and burned the candle at both ends, working 60+ hour weeks, too many business trips, and taking little care of myself.

The wake up call came after being diagnosed with cancer and an autoimmune disease, and a few months later being unceremoniously dumped from my corporate job (It wasn’t via a Post-it note, but almost as bad…10 extra bonus points if you caught the Sex in the City reference!) I felt betrayed by my own body and without a purpose or identity (yep, just like a guy, my identity was wrapped up in what I did for a living.) The medical community offered no consistent theories on getting well – and forget about nutrition. Everyone I spoke with offered conflicting do’s and don’ts.

So, I began to search out my own answers, specific to my body and needs. I devoured every nutrition book I could get my hands on, explored meditation, Reiki, yoga, and began studying the works of every Zen master I could find. I knew it was time to take my health into my own hands, simplify life, and follow my real passion. Along the way, with every new recipe I cooked, with each meditation or yoga pose that I practiced, I began to notice that I felt less anxious, more centered, calmer and at peace. My passion to write started to re-ignite and the words began to flow. I was finally embracing my authentic self.

Am I missing something? Should I be doing something more? Why am I anxious/antsy/feeling caged?

So, here I am, continuing on my own path to wellness, incorporating the best of the expert opinions, learning to meditate, practice yoga and study Buddhist psychology. My passion for writing, cooking and nutrition has become my focus, along with a desire to share the information and knowledge that has helped to heal not only my body, but also my soul. And maybe, just maybe, by sharing my discoveries on nutrition, health, and being mindful, I may be able to help someone else who is facing similar challenges. Perhaps by making someone smile, laugh, or contemplate a new theory with one of my inane rants, I could brighten their day….well, now that is very gratifying.

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